Sunday, 7 March 2010

Countdown to Spring Break

I've been back at work for two weeks following February's Half Term, and I'm already counting down to Spring Break. Three more weeks. Three more Mondays.

Since the October and February Half Terms found us doing DIY (The Other Half has just finished laying wood floors in our lounge, dining room, and hallway), we have decided to go away on holiday for part of Spring Break. The Other Half reminds me that we did go to the States for Christmas, but I don't really count those visits as true "holidays."

After much debate and indecision, we have finally settled on The New Forest as our destination of choice, about two hours southwest of London. Neither of us has ever been to the New Forest, though The Other Half has been to some of the towns surrounding it. I know it's not as exotic as Spain or Malta or Jordan (which are just some of the places my colleagues and students will be holidaying), but we want our first real family holiday to be somewhere that is easy to get to and where we'll really be able to relax. Though there are places I'd like to visit and things I'd like to do during the week that we're there, I also know that I would feel just as happy lounging on the grounds of the farmhouse B&B we'll be booking this week, taking leisurely strolls, or enjoying a laidback meal at a country pub. There is also still so much of the UK that I want to see. It still surprises me when I hear some of my students tell me that, though they've been to Thailand or Brazil, they've never been to Edinburgh or Cornwall. I love traveling to new (sometimes exotic) locations, but I'm also in favor of discovering your own backyard, which is why I'm already secretly planning our next UK break before we've even officially booked this one.