Friday, 8 October 2010

Another Great Moment in Teaching...

...happened yesterday, when I was giving my students some biographical information on Toni Morrison before they begin reading Beloved.

"Didn't she win the Nobel Prize?" one of my students piped up.

"Yes, she did," I affirmed. "And the Pulitzer."

"The Nobel? Hey, isn't that what Soandso's dad won?" another student chimed in.

"Who?" I inquired.

"Oh, some kid who used to go to school here."

Sometimes, the world in which I teach is not necessarily the world in which I live.

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Almost American said...

I used to teach in a world that was remarkably unlike that in which I live. I miss it. Or rather, I miss having my students whip out their checkbook and offer to write me a check when I sigh wistfully that I would love to travel to their home country in Asia. I never actually took anyone up on it, but I have some nice jewelery that their families bought for me!