Saturday, 28 April 2012

Life is Sweet

Crumpet 2 is three weeks old today. It truly is amazing how time flies the second time around. With a three-and-a-half-year-old to keep up with, there isn't much time to slow down and savor every moment, but we're trying. Cupcake (as she will be referred to henceforth) has fit perfectly into our lives and is (let me not jinx myself here) so far a very laid-back, easy-going baby. She is a total contrast to the way her big sister was at this stage. While Crumpet was awake from the moment she was born (and still does everything she can to fight sleep), Cupcake will quite happily sleep the day away. She is gradually getting her days and nights sorted out, though, so the sleep deprivation we experienced in the first couple of weeks is beginning to fade.

I've been told by many friends and family members who have more than one child that the second time around is a lot easier. I'm not sure if I'd agree that it's "easy," but I would definitely say we're more relaxed than we were when Crumpet was born. At least this time we're a little more clued in to how things work, we don't jump at every little sneeze or hiccup, and we don't feel guilty for not rushing to pick her up at the first cry.

Crumpet, for her part, has been an attentive and helpful big sister. We really couldn't ask for more from her. Yes, we've had our share of issues that have tested our patience a bit more  than usual over the past three weeks, but they are typical three-year-old issues and nothing really related to jealousy. (I'm not kidding myself, though. I'm sure we have that to come in about ten years' time.)

It's early days still, and I know there will be challenges ahead, but one thing is certain: our little Cupcake makes our life so much sweeter.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes...?

A conversation I had with Crumpet the other day:

Crumpet: Hey, you didn't have the baby on Nana's birthday. (Nana's birthday was three days after Crumpet 2 was born, so this wasn't just some random observation.)
Me: Well, the baby was ready to come out. At least now she has her own birthday, which is nice.
Crumpet: Maybe the next baby you have can be born on Nana's birthday.
Me: Sweetie, Mommy's done having babies.
Crumpet: No, I want there to be three of us.
My internal monologue: Did Nana put you up to this?

Monday, 9 April 2012

Express Delivery

She's here! Our beautiful baby girl, whom we'll refer to as Crumpet 2 for the time being, arrived Saturday, April 7 at 4:35 am, weighing 6 lbs. 14 oz. Despite being overdue, like her sister, the birthing process was entirely different this time around. I'll try to spare everyone the gory details and offer the abridged version here instead.

A few days prior to her arrival, I started experiencing what I am now pretty sure were warm-up contractions, but nothing actually happened until around 1:30 early Saturday morning. Contractions grew in intensity and length pretty quickly, and by 2:00 I was out of bed and The Other Half was phoning his mum to come down and be prepared to stay with Crumpet should the hospital say that I could go ahead and come in.

By 2:50, the hospital had confirmed that I could go in. Contractions were coming quick and fast now. We phoned my mom and sister in America to tell them things were on the move.

3:09. This is the time I remember displayed on the digital clock in the car as we arrived at the hospital.

3:30. By now, I was in the delivery room and had been hooked up to the gas and air. The midwife examined me thoroughly at this point, confirming that I was indeed in labour (duh!) but that I was only 3 1/2 centimetres dilated and that delivery wouldn't be long but probably not imminent.

4:10. This is the next time I was conscious of the time. I'd been on the gas and air for what seemed like a very long time, with the contractions lasting longer and longer and with much shorter intervals in between. I asked for an epidural around this time. Later, the midwife told me she knew the baby would be born before the anaesthesiologist would arrive, but she went to consult him anyway.

Shortly after 4:10 a senior midwife arrived to help with another exam. By this time, my waters broke, and I was suddenly at 10 centimetres. The team who had assembled to assist with the birth said I needed to start pushing the baby out now, that we needed to get her out quickly. I would find out later that this was because her heart rate and oxygen levels had dropped, but they did a good job of not panicking me at the time.

Things happened very quickly from this point, but after about three or four big pushes and the help of a "kiwi" (a sort of suction cap), our baby girl was born at 4:35.

My mom was shocked when The Other Half phoned her again, just two hours after our initial call, to say that she had a new granddaughter, and when I spoke to my sister the next day she said she thought she had been dreaming when my mom woke her around midnight to tell her the news.

We are settling in well at home. Crumpet loves her little sister and has been fascinated by her every move. Hopefully the novelty won't wear off for her any time soon.